What The Heck Are Ben Wa Balls?

It is really easy for women to tighten their vagina. Interchangeable systems mean you can start with lighter Ben Wa balls and add weight to increase the intensity of your pelvic floor workout. The feeling of the balls is very slight, this slight movement of the inner balls, will cause your kegel muscles to tighten.

How you use your Kegel balls is up to you but I've put together a how to use kegel balls guide with all the tips and tricks for you to read. Your pelvic floor muscles hold the uterus in place. If you choose to use Kegel balls, here are five exercises you can try once you have the balls inserted.

Kegel balls can also make anal sex more pleasurable. The K-fit kegel toner takes all of the hard work out of kegels with 11 pre-set programs that automatically exercises the pelvic floor. Ben Wa balls are nothing new. I went about my day, blissfully unaware of my Ben Wa ball, assuming that my Kegel muscles were involuntary clenching beyond my recognition (but seriously, I did not feel a thing).

Ben Wa Balls will spice up your sexual life, give you back your confidence and the body that you once had. Below, a round up of some of the bestselling Ben Wa balls on the internet. It is a very reasonable price on Amazon, easy to clean, easy to insert, and is wonderful for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles without doing any work.

Dual balls may bend” when they're inside. These Ben Wa balls ben wa balls from Polar Jade are made of 100% natural and genuine rose quartz, manually carved and polished without using any chemical treatment. These larger balls typically have a string attached so they can be removed easily, while ben wa balls are usually independent and must be removed either by relaxation or proper pressure from the vaginal wall muscles.

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